New Tones from Old Instruments

New Tones from Old Instruments
"Morazh", the innovation of Master Mohammad Reza Ildar Zhaleh was exhibited at the 12th Exhibition of "Hima Wooden Arts Exhibition"

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, exhibiting the "Morazh" instrument of Master Zhaleh at the 11th day of the Wooden Arts Exhibition of Hima happened with attendance of Dr. Sharifzadeh, Mr. Sarvar Bakhti the Head of ECO Cultural Institute, the cultural manager Hojjat-ul-Islam Ebadi and Mr. Junior Penalver Quevedo Head of the Consular Office and Press of the Embassy of Cuba and other guests and artists.

The Head of ECO Cultural Institution said: "Holding such ceremonies through the pandemic days in Iran and in the world is a necessity because culture and art are encouraging motivations and cultural events are the need of today's societies."

He added: "The presence and the unique art of Master Zhaleh are inspiring and joyful."

He pointed out the effort on introducing the art of ECO region countries saying that "we try to support and protect the valuable art of the ECO region". He believes that we have a duty to deliver this valuable art to the future generations.

The Head of ECO Cultural Institution also emphasized: "The world and the future generations must know and understand the great capabilities of this part of the earth which is very unique and impressive."

Sharifzadeh also said that making instruments is one of the arts related to traditional wood arts and innovation of new instruments creates and conveys new tones and melodies while supporting the origins of traditional arts.

Regarding the motivation for inventing new instruments, Master Zhaleh said: "I am sympathetic to my homeland and country and I am interested in presenting our culture to the world by composing poetry and inventing instruments with new sounds."

He has succeeded inventing 17 new instruments so far. "Morazh" was made by him in 2005 for the first time.

Hojat-ul Islam Ebadi, Junior Penalver Quevedo and Ebadreza Islami also delivered speeches on the event.

The exhibition of Hima wooden paintings has started from January 21st and will be hosting visitors until Friday February 5th in Niavaran Cultural Center.



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