Introducing “Morazh” of Zhaleh

Introducing “Morazh” of Zhaleh
On Monday February 1st the new instrument innovated by Master Zhaleh will be introduced with the attendance of the managers of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cultural Heritage Organization and representatives of the Islamic Consultative Parliament

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, the instrument called “Morazh” will be introduced at 15:00 on Monday January 1st, 2021, with attendance of cultural and artistic managers.

“Morazh” is an innovation by master Mohammad Reza Jaleh with the registration No. 40150 which for the first time, was made in 2005. The name of this instrument is taken from the headlines of its innovator, Mohammad Reza Ildar Zhaleh, and it is a string-plectrum instrument, with 16 intervals and 3 strings as of the cello series strings.

Born in 1947 in Meshkinshahr, Mohammad Reza Ildar Zhaleh owns a first degree in art and he officially started making instruments in 1978.



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Feb 1, 2021 16:24


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