Finalization of a great event

Finalization of a great event
The 11th Biennale of Ceramics terminated on January 29 at Niavaran Cultural Center

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, the closing ceremony of the 11th Biennale of Ceramics was on the evening of Friday January 29th at the Khalij-e Fars Hall with one third of the capacity and under observation of all the health protocols.

The Ceremony was held with the presence of Hadi Mozaffari the Director General of the Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Hirbod Hemmat Azad the Secretary of the Biennale and members of the Policy Council, Selection Council and the Board of Juries, Managers of Niavaran Cultural Center as well as the artists participating in this Biennale. 

Hadi Mozaffari commented this Biennale can be looked at through three perspectives. First of all this Biennale spent 9 years duration of difficult conditions and despite the financial problems and under the shadow of Corona, it formed with a great effort.

He continued: Before holding this Biennale, there were critics criticizing this field to be contemporary. But Ceramics Exhibition proved that ceramic is an important and effective medium.

Mozaffari mentioned: "It is necessary to remind the performing team's character, dignity and manner. I believe that the Ceramics Society is one the best artistic organizations in the country."

Hirbod Hemmat Azad the Secretary of the event also said: "We all know that the circumstances were not suitable for holding this Biennale at all. Financial pressures and Corona Virus and 9 years of not being able to hold the biennale and also the criticisms about it and about ceramics not being a medium were all the obstacles of this road."

He continued: "Today, ceramics is moving slowly and steadily without the confusion created by some artistic societies and this biennale proved the abilities of this medium. He appreciated the artists for creating and producing such great artworks through such social and mental crisis and also the Visual Arts Managers, the Ceramic Artists Association, Members of the Board of Policy and Niavaran Cultural Center and wished a better situation and ambiance for the artists in this field of art in the near future.”

Following, the speech of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance was read the selected artists of this biennale were announced and the biennale book was presented.

It is notable that the Ceramics Biennale opened on October 31, 2020 by 87 artists with 94 artworks at the Gallery No. 1 of Niavaran Cultural Center and all through the biennale duration, artworks were also exhibited virtual.



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