“Hima” rests in frame of Exhibition

“Hima” rests in frame of Exhibition
Inauguration of 201 wooden artworks sets out “Hima” as vast as Niavaran Cultural Center

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, the opening ceremony of this event took place in the Gallery No. 1 of N.C.C with the presence of Dr. Sharifzadeh the Head of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism, Ebadreza Islami the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center, Dr. Janfeshan the Head of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Tehran Province and other official members.

“Hima” exhibits artworks in the fields of Marquetry, Woodcarving, Perforation, Girih Tiles, Joinery, Instrument Making, Carpentry, Pyrography and other Wooden artworks in this 12th series of its exhibitions.

Ms. Dr. Nazaripour Kiaei Advisor to the Minister of Interior on Women and Family Affairs, Ms. Shareghi Advisor for Women and Family Affairs of Tehran Governorate, Mahdi Afzali Director of the Rudaki Foundation, Ms. Ostad Rezaei Director of the Handicrafts Cooperatives Union of Tehran Province and Dr. Abdolmaleki the Head of Tourism and Related Businesses Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce also attended the opening ceremony of this artistic event.

The exhibition will be hosting interested visitors until Friday February 5th on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 and on weekends and holidays from 14:00 to 18:00.


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Jan 23, 2021 13:38


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