The "11th National Ceramic Biennale of Iran" hosted the Ambassador of Cyprus

The "11th National Ceramic Biennale of Iran" hosted the Ambassador of Cyprus
The Ambassador of Cyprus Mr. Petros T. Nacouzis attended Niavaran Cultural Center to visit the “11th National Ceramic Biennale of Iran”

According to Niavaran Cultural Center Public Relations, on the evening of Tuesday November 17, the Ambassador of Cyprus Mr. Petros T. Nacouzis visited the “11th National Ceramic Biennale of Iran”.

Hirbod Hemmat Azad the Secretary and Curator of this event said: “In fact, the ambassadors and representatives of other countries visiting and attending these exhibitions is important from the perspective that in addition to social functions and display of culture and art that focuses on the structures of Iranian society, it also has diplomatic functions.

He added: “This exhibition indicates that Iranian art especially ceramics, has flourished in the fields of technique and art, and compared to developed countries whose cultural events are at minimum standards these days, we have been able to hold such an exhibition through the tough conditions of sanctions and the pandemic of Corona.”

Hemmat Azad stated: “Through the hard economical period, artists worked hard for this biennial. More than 90 percent of the artworks are particularly made for this event and despite the financial pressures, managers also supported this event.”

He also mentioned that the ambassador of Cyprus pointed out the range of ceramic art capability and the maturity this field of art has achieved by Persian artists and how surprised he was that in such difficult conditions we were able to hold this exhibition. "And this is the effective function that I would say this biennale can possess" Hemmat Azad added.

In the meeting that Mr. Nacouzis had with the General Manager of Niavaran Cultural Center, cultural and artistic negotiations, suggestions and propositions were exchanged.

In this meeting they discussed the sisterhood agreements between Niavaran Cultural Center and cultural and artistic centers of Cyprus which due to the history of the ancient background relations between Iran and Cyprus, the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center stated that he is eager to have mutual cultural and artistic interactions for Cyprian artists in Iran and vise versa.

They also talked about performing master classes for the artists of two countries in Tehran and Nicosia.

Approving this idea Mr. Petros T. Nacouzis said that the relationship between Iran and Cyprus is a thousand years old and he hopes it returns to its peak with artistic cooperation of the two countries.

In this series of the biennale there are 94 artworks from 87 artists chosen by the board of judges.

The board of judges include: M. Ghorbani Shah Koochaki, M. Ziaee, B. Fayyazi, M. Moharrami, N. Khaladj and B. Azhdari.

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Nov 21, 2020 22:41


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