Passing on to the Future Generations

Passing on to the Future Generations
The Closing Ceremony of Iranian Contemporary Needlework Exhibition “Nakh & Negareh” (Thread & Pattern)

Ebad Reza Islami Koolaee the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center while noting that the background of this center stands for this kind of exhibitions said: “Due to the existence of such golden hands in the country and the philosophical, spiritual, and romantic aspects in Iranian art specially the art of handicrafts, it is a question that why the wheels are not spinning and why should we worry for the masters who are not in sight anymore!”

He added: “Prestige and reputation of any country is linked to the art and culture of that country, especially traditional arts and handicrafts, because such artworks give a full description of their homeland’s culture and art at a glance. I hope that we would be able to communicate better with the world in the future.”

Dr. Sayed Abdul Majid Sharifzadeh the General Manager of the Research Institute of Traditional Art also mentioning that today there is no state for traditional artists in Iran said: “Instead of thinking about the economy of the manufacturers, we should think about the economy of artists.”

He added: “The art of Needling by the Iranian women have had a great credit since past days until now. Their masterpieces exist in the world’s great museums for the public to see. Artists whom have created precious artworks around the country. When we were preparing for this exhibition, they blamed us that we are not related to visual arts. I appreciate the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center for allowing us to perform this exhibition in this magnificent building. Such cooperation seldom happens.”

The Head of Research Institute of Traditional Art expressing that we should have a museum for the art of Needling to promote this art to the next generations stated: “I am looking forward to holding the handicrafts designing competition with the cooperation of HIMA Handicrafts in the near future.”

Mehdi Afzali, the Director of Roudaki Foundation also as the last speaker mentioning that Iranian Art of Handicrafts could have been a very much income and profit making industry declared: “Roudaki Foundation is ready to cooperate in performing such events.”

At the end of this program, prizes were presented to designated artists.

It is important to remark that the Iranian Contemporary Needlework Exhibition, “Nakh & Negareh” (Thread & Pattern) was held from 20th of Mordad, 1399 (August 10th, 2020) to Mordad 31st, 1399 (August 21st, 2020) by the Research Institute of Traditional Arts of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism with cooperation of Arman Rakhsh Ghazal Co. (HIMA) and Niavaran Cultural Center.



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