Member of the Parliament pursuits the subject of Insurance for Traditional Handicraft Artists

Member of the Parliament pursuits the subject of Insurance for Traditional Handicraft Artists
Dr. Ali Karimi, the city of Babol representative in the Parliament and the member of the Parliament’s Board of Directors visited Iranian Contemporary Needlework Exhibition “Nakh & Negareh” (Thread & Pattern)

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, at the end of his visit which was accompanied by Mr. Ebad Reza Eslami Kolaee, the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center, Ali Karimi Firoozjaee, the representative of Babol in the Islamic Parliament, in his words of appreciation to Niavaran Cultural Center for holding such an exhibition, mentioned: “I am very glad that artworks of artists all over Iran have been put on view for the public to see in this exhibition.”

Karimi noted: “Holding such exhibitions can have positive and successful effects on economic terms for the artists. Cultural products inherited from past generations along with the cultural transitions, can flip human concepts and ecological perceptions for today’s human who has distanced nature.”

Mentioning that in the Commission of Education and Research we should be the connection ring between the “Scientific and Research Centers” and “Technical and Vocational Universities” with the artists of this domain to keep them away from being ignored, he stated: “Traditional and Handicrafts Artists insurance and union problems are the kind of problems that should be mentioned and pursued in the parliament so that the artists of this area will be encouraged and become more confident and the light of their art will shine brighter for many years to come.”

It is notable that the Iranian Contemporary Needlework “Nakh & Negareh” (Thread & Pattern) exhibited from Mordad 20 – 31, 1399 = August 10 – 21, 2020, by the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism with cooperation of Arman Rakhsh Ghazal Corporation (HIMA) and Niavaran Cultural Center.



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