Ambassador of Austria: "The Bond between Iran & Austria is rarely seen among other nations"

Ambassador of Austria: "The Bond between Iran & Austria is rarely seen among other nations"
Khalij e Fars hall hosted "Iran & Austria Music Event" with the presence of reporters and fans of culture and art on Friday August 7th, 2020 in Niavaran Cultural Center

According to the Public Relations of Niavaran Cultural Center, at the beginning of this program, after the live and live stream performance by Iranian and Austrian musicians, a video of Stephan Schulz, the Minister of Austrian Embassy, Mr. Ebad Reza Eslami the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center, Alexander Rieger the Cultural Deputy of the Embassy of Austria and Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Pedram Soltani the Head of Iran – Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce and Alireza Nazim Al-Rayaei the Vice Chairman of the Board of Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce, was broadcasted with the presence of Dr. Savrar Bakhti, the Head of ECI (ECO Cultural Institution).

Stephan Schulz the Ambassador of Austrian Embassy pointing out the special relationship between Iran and Austria said that such a connection among other nations is rarely seen.

Following his speech he added: "We have more than 700 years of documentary relations, more than 500 years of partnership and 160 years of diplomatic relations which provides a framework for building relations based on trust between the two countries."

Appreciating the Healthcare Heroes all around the world especially in Iran and Austria he added: "The Medical Staff and Healthcare Teams with their super human efforts are sacrificing their lives to save people. Tonight, this program is dedicated to them."

Ebad Reza Eslami, the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center also mentioned that after the establishment of the Academy of Oriental Studies in Vienna and later the Academy of Arts (Darolfonoon) in Iran, scientific, cultural and educational exchanges between Austria and Iran were pursued much more seriously than ever. He added: "Cultural and Artistic ties between the two nations of Iran and Austria are longstanding." At the end of his speech, he appreciated the Medical Health Staffs in Iran and all over the world.

In this program, the piece "Serenad" by Franz Schubert, the piece "Thanksgiving" based on combination of "Lacrimosa" movement of Mozart's Requiem, the piece "Two or Three Nights" by Bozorg Lashkari, and the piece "O Iran" by Rohollah Khaleghi at the end of the program were played for the live and online audience.

Forogh Fazli the conductor and Pianist, Siamak Karimpour director of Iranian Band, Bamdad Khoshghadami director of Austrian Band, Ali Zarabi Trumpet player, Makan Khoynezhad Cellist, Soroush Omumi Drummer, Basir Akbari Guitarist, David Gruber Alto Saxophonist and Anton Portler Tenor Saxophonist were other musicians accompanying the Iran & Austria Music Event.

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Aug 11, 2020 15:14


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