Virtual Tour & Iran - Austria Music Event's Poster

Virtual Tour & Iran - Austria Music Event's Poster
The Niavaran Cultural Center's Virtual Tour, part of the Treasury of the complex and The Iran-Austria music event's poster were presented on July 5th with presence of Dr. Hoseini, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance's Artistic Deputy

According to the Public Relations Dept. of Niavaran Cultural Center, at the beginning of this program which was held with presence of Dr. Sarvar Bakhti, the head of ECI (Eco Cultural Institution) and other Senior Managers of the Ministry of Culture, Roudaki Foundation and International Nowruz Institution, E. R. Eslami, the Head of Niavaran Cultural Center said: "Niavaran's Virtual Tour includes different sections such as the Gallery, Performing Halls, Library and etc. Due to the after Corona atmosphere, our effort was to introduce Niavaran Cultural Center and a part of its treasury to the interesteds of Persian art and culture, through cyberspace." Mentioning that he is very happy about the mutual stream of activities between Iran and Austria, he pointed to the strong and stable cultural relations of the two countries since the "Safavid" dynasty up to the present day. 



Aug 4, 2020 12:23


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